Project goals

Project “Our Leova. The implementation of the participatory model of revitalization of the city of Leova in Moldova” will be carried out from August to December 2022.

It was selected as one of the best projects in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs competition “Polish Development Aid 2022”. The aim of the competition under the action “Equal opportunities – sustainable cities” (CZR 11 Action) was to select the best offers for public tasks, including the implementation of development activities that will improve the quality of the city resident’s life by revitalizing the urban spaces, modernizing the municipal services and increasing the participation of the city community in urban space management.

  • The main goal of the project is to support the process of city revitalization of Leova in Moldova. Based on Polish experience, the Foundation Center for Local Development in cooperation with partners – the Institute of Political Sciences and Administration of UMCS and the City Hall of Leova, will develop and implement a management system for the revitalization of the city of Leova. The revitalization program will be the main product of the implemented activities.
  • Our common goal is to develop the practical solutions increasing the potential of urban areas, requiring intervention and innovative solutions based on the implementation of a participatory model of urban space management through permanent and systematic cooperation of the public, private and social sectors. This is primarily to improve the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants.

What do we want to achieve?

Our immediate goals

  1. To provide practical knowledge and skills to the representatives of local government in Moldova in the development and implementation of the participatory model of urban revitalization;
  2. To share good practices and innovative solutions in the field of revitalization projects implemented in the Lublin region;
  3. To invite participants of study visits to Poland and to show how the devastated areas of the city are changing through effective revitalization projects;
  4. To achieve synergy through the intersectoral integration of local communities from the city of Leova for the development and implementation of the revitalization program for areas requiring intervention;
  5. To support the institutional potential of the local authorities in the field of the urban space development thanks to the involvement of the local community;
  6. To develop a range of administration and management instruments for the city of Leova through jointly implemented activities;
  7. To prepare and implement a city revitalization program so that other Moldavian cities affected by similar problems can benefit from Leova’s experience.

What will we do?

Planned activities
  1. Project Inaugural Conference in Chisinau
    Remote training for representatives of the local administration entitled “Managing revitalization and involving the local community in the implementation of revitalization programs”
  2. Study visit to Poland for representatives of the local government of the city of Leova
  3. Participatory workshops on the development of the ” Revitalization Program of Leova City “
  4. Elaboration of the document “Leova revitalization program”
  5. Elaboration of the “Guide for the implementation of the participatory model of city revitalization management” for local governments in Moldova
  6. Scientific and practical international remote conference in Lublin and Chisinau entitled “The role of public administration in managing city revitalization. Experiences of Poland and Moldova”

For whom?

The beneficiaries of project activities will include
  • local community and all groups at risk of the social exclusion of the city of Leova
  • representatives of the local government of Leovy
  • future members of the Leova city revitalization committee
  • representatives of the local government of Moldova
  • NGOs
  • local business representatives
  • partners co-implementing the project
  • representatives of the local government from the Lublin region
  • local activists, experts, scientists, politicians, journalists
    Moldova and Poland